To Bead, or Not to Bead….

Firstly my apologies for the terrible pun, I realise that it’s neither big nor clever! However its a valid topic – as weather or not to opt for a bead is a question that often arrises when choosing your new kitchen cabinets.

The bead to frame is a neat cockbead that runs around the inner cabinet frame. It offers a smart and clean detail to a kitchen and suits a variety of house styles and tastes. A traditional joinery practice, cockbeading first began to appear in English work after 1730 and was used as both a decorative addition as well as a way of protecting rare and costly veneers used in door and drawer fronts.


Bead to Frame – An effective way of ‘framing’ your kitchen doors and drawers.


A very special curved feature Island with Bead to Frame that we completed last year.

Another option would be to opt for a bead to door. This neat little bead runs around the door panelling offering an attractive additional detail to your kitchen. This option when teamed with the bead to frame particularly suits character of period homes as it sits comfortably alongside Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian features to name but a few.


A quirky sideboard with bead to door in a Georgian townhouse.

The other option of course is to keep things simple and opt for a clean, crisp beadless kitchen. Having a simple shaker door can suit a wealth of different homes and properties and can offer a cool and contemporary finish to your home.


A contemporary take on our Classic Kitchen.

So, which will you choose?