That (slightly chilly) Friday Feeling…

Scarf, coats AND sunglasses this morning! I think that we’re all struggling to get our heads around he fact that it’s not really Summer anymore yet the full Autumnal chill hasn’t quite set in. Not that were complaining of course, it’s lovely to have a spot of Autumn sunshine here at the Old Steam Mill and we’re all certainly busy enough to keep us warm.

Our small but perfectly formed Classic showkitchen is ever nearing completion so if you would like to come take a peek at what we do then do feel free to give us a call to arrange a time that suits you. We have the beautiful Downs Link, a now disused railway line running alongside the Mill – so feel free to bring along the kids, dogs or even bikes!


BB enjoying the leaf covered downs link

The Downs Link follows two disused railway lines and crosses the Surrey Hills, the Low Weald, the South Downs and the Coastal Plain.

Since the trains departed in the 1960s the embankments and cuttings have become a green corridor for wildlife and people. The route connects a variety of habitats and passing banks of wildflowers, trees, hedges, woodlands, rivers, ponds and streams.”


The original Henfield Train Station

Once upon a time Henfield was a well used railway station on the Steyning Line which served the surrounding West Sussex villages. It was equipped with a siding which received coal to serve the Old Steam Mill. However the line was closed in 1966 and now leaves the peaceful and green Downs Link.


The Old Steam Mill in 1966 with the chimney still in tact – Image courtesy of Jonny Tysoe

So there we have a little bit of local history for you on a Friday morning. Now fingers crossed that the sun stays shining for the midday dog walk!