Santa baby…. a tea strainer for me please!

So you may be an incredibly organised type of person who has already bought and wrapped all of your presents – in which case hats of to you, put your feel up and relax.

Otherwise if you are like me, or everybody else I know you have only really had time to think about it… well, around about now really.

December is here and what better present than a kitchen gadget. Here’s a brief rundown of our favourite’s this winter. Some useful, some pointless and some downright stupid!

We love this cute and handy pal. The Nessie ladle from the guys at OTOTO comes in a variety of colours and sizes. I’m sure that these happy creatures will make serving up dinner a delight.mama-nessie-collander-ladle-2.png

They also make a little baby Nessie tea infuser too. What a cutie, perfect for any tea fanatic…like me!loch-ness-monster-baby-nessie-tea-infuser-ototo-design-fb.png

Or how about living life on the edge with this shark fin tea diffuser? Available from this is surely the perfect stocking filler for any daredevil.


On my list this year is an old favourite. I seem to be the only person without a NutriBullet –  but not for long (well, lets see how good I have been this year).

What can be better or more virtuous than making your own fresh veggie, fruit and superfood smoothy everyday surely? Available from John Lewis.236127598.jpeg

For those of you who love a very precise bit of cheese, or for those who just want to take portion control to a whole new level,                                                                                                   how about this Cheese Degrees precision cheese board from Fred & Friends.


Or take it one step further to the Obsessive Chef Cutting Board.


So from the cute, the healthy to downright daft. Just a few pressies for you to choose from this christmas.

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